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Hot off the heels of her scorching new solo album, Orphan Diary, the Melbourne blues legend is enjoying an enormous 2019. Bounding between cigar box guitars, resonators, lap steels and stomps, Scionti (pronounced Shon-tee, FYI) is a defiantly unique and destructively captivating player. Her energy is patently poignant, every blunt, soul-thumping strum as powerful as can be. To that end, Scionti is a phenomenal vocalist with lyrics that hit hard and heavy – one worth making a special mark on your schedule for”.

Matt Doria - Australian Guitar Magazine (July 2019)


“An exceptional musician equally at home on electric and acoustic guitar, resonator and lap steel, Anna's refreshingly honest lyrics that tell of the tragic death of her parents during her teens, of finding solace in her music, tales of loss, love and fulfilment are enhanced by her emotionally charged guitar. My most played album of this month”.

Billy Pinnell - Billy Pinnell: The Music Show (May 2019)


“Festival and blues cafe favourite Anna Scionti has produced a hard hitting personal album. Burning valves, cigar box and resonator, Scionti does not hold back. Rising star on the blues scene down under”.

Salty Dog - Salty Dog Blues N Roots (June 2019)


“If you get the chance sit down and really listen to this album, it’s an astonishing piece of work simply because so many of the songs are very personal to Anna. She really tells a lot of her personal story. Very brave to put that out in song, but very, very powerful to listen to. I can’t recommend the album enough. Anna Scionti, Orphan Diary”.

Matt Frederick - The Juke Joint, PBS 106.7fm (May 2019)

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